Why Many Area Residents Are Turning to Dental Clinics in the Port Orange Region

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Dental Care

Maintaining good oral health helps ensure overall better health. Expert oral/dental surgical skills are often needed after a traumatic event that leaves damage to the mouth and jaw region. Individuals must get regular dental exams and care properly for their teeth, especially as an adult. Learn why many area residents are turning to some exceptional dental clinics in the Port Orange region when they need oral surgery.

What Types of Oral & Dental Procedures Do Oral Surgeons Perform?

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons can perform a number of surgeries and procedures related to the mouth, jaw, and surrounding regions. Trauma to the face is one situation that will need prompt expert surgical care that these advanced trained surgeons are able to deliver. Other conditions include missing or broken teeth that need to be replaced, and gum disease can result in other complications that could be dangerous to the health of the person.

More Oral Maxillofacial Procedures & Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Oral surgeons can treat TMJ which is a painful issue with the tender jaw joints that often causes severe pain felt below the ear area. This is a condition that usually has to be treated with surgery if other measures fail. Oral surgeons also perform wisdom and other tooth extractions, dental implants and restorative surgeries involving the jaw bone among others.

Turn to the Experts for Oral Surgery

Schedule an appointment at dental clinics in Port Orange. Contact Cardinal Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates at https://www.cardinaloms.com.

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