When Should You See an Emergency Dentist in Edmonton?

by | May 31, 2024 | Dental Care

Regular dental care is essential for oral and overall health. However, prompt care for dental emergencies is not always accessible through a regular dental office. Given the importance of dental care to whole-body health, these emergencies must receive care—and this may require an emergency dentist in Edmonton, AB.

Some things that feel very serious for patients can wait for a dental appointment, but others require emergency care. Here are a few situations that should not be overlooked and which require immediate care by an emergency dentist:

Severe Pain

Pain in the teeth or gums always seems like an emergency, but mild to moderate pain can often wait for your scheduled appointment to be addressed. However, if you are experiencing severe, unrelenting pain that cannot otherwise be managed, you should seek emergency dental care. This pain could be the sign of something more severe or dangerous, so it should not be ignored if it cannot be relieved.

Visible Damage to the Teeth or Gums

Sports injuries, fights, and other physical impacts can lead to tooth breakage or damage to the soft tissues of the mouth. These scenarios can be severe since broken teeth and damaged gums can quickly become infected, bleed profusely, and cause problems that a professional should promptly address. Serious facial injuries should be addressed at a regular hospital emergency room, but an emergency dentist can treat those isolated to the teeth and gums.

Swelling or Bleeding

Minor bleeding during or after brushing or flossing can indicate gum disease. This can typically be treated during regularly scheduled dental appointments. However, if the bleeding is moderate to severe or unexplained – or comes with moderate to severe swelling of the mouth’s soft tissues – it should be promptly treated by a dentist.

When in doubt, it is always wise to air on the side of caution. If you have questions about whether your case requires immediate dental care, contact your nearest emergency dentist in Edmonton, AB, for more information!

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