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Insightful Information About Dental Implants Mag Mile

Tooth loss is a major concern for many dental patients. This problem can come from the loss of natural teeth or restorative devices. Not having sufficient dental structure can result in speech and mastication problems. To correct this dental defect, it’s a good idea to learn about dental implants in the Mag Mile. The following information will give more insight into these surgical elements.

It’s important to know what a dental implant is. The device that is inserted into a dental patient is actually three separate units combined together. Each part has its own function and traits. The first part of a “dental implant” is the implant itself. This is a tiny rod installed into a person’s jawbone. It can also be surgically implanted into another area deemed necessary by a dental provider. The dental implant attaches to an abutment. This is a connector that provides stability for the dental implant to be indirectly connected to an overlying device. This overlying device is a restorative apparatus such as a bridge, crown, or denture.

One of the primary reasons to use dental implants in the Mag Mile is to replace the function of missing natural teeth. To do this, the implant will fill the void once occupied by a natural tooth. This will keep surrounding bones from shifting. Teeth that move due to the absence of other teeth can result in damage to gums and other teeth. When a dental implant is surgically implanted, it’s hoped that the surrounding bones will accept the device like it is natural bone tissue. This is often referred to as osseointegration. A dental implant can loosen and even fall out when this does not happen.

To verify that a patient is eligible for a dental implant, a dentist will perform a thorough examination of the patient’s mouth. X-rays will be ordered to view the internal parts of the patient’s mouth. A bone density test is regularly done to see whether a person has enough bone structure to support a dental implant. By understanding the basics of a dental implant, a person can decide with a dentist, like the ones at Chicago Dental Arts, whether this is the right treatment.