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Going Beyond Regular Dental Cleaning in Chicago

Regular Dental Cleaning in Chicago is important and should be done at least every six months. Children, adolescents, and some adults will have white teeth for years with proper daily oral care and standard regular cleaning appointments. There are many things that can stain teeth, so some adults have to have regular cleaning every four months to keep teeth clean and white. Coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, and berries can all stain teeth. Depending on how much coffee is consumed, for example, cleaning every six months may not be enough to completely remove those stains. So a heavy coffee drinker many need more frequent cleaning appointments.

Other things can stain teeth, or make teeth soft and porous so they stain easily. Some types of medications will cause teeth to become dull over time. Treatments, such as chemotherapy, will weaken tooth enamel and make stains more difficult to remove. Substance abuse will also effect the look of teeth. Natural aging will also cause teeth to become discolored to a certain degree. When regular Dental Cleaning in Chicago does not restore teeth to the whiteness desired, there are option that will whiten and brighten teeth. In-office teeth whitening treatments, for example, can be used to make teeth whiter. Professional whitening treatments work better, and last longer, than over-the-counter whitening products. Patients can click here for more information regarding different whitening treatments that are available at the dentist office.

A white smile is important for confidence and self-esteem, and it helps with career advancement. People with a bright smile and white teeth tend to be promoted quickly, and tend to find themselves in leadership positions. Professionals like lawyers, executives, marketing specialists, and many others, need to be able to present themselves in a confident and professional manner. White teeth are a big component of their appeal, and contribute to the ability to do their jobs effectively. Cosmetic procedures, like crowns and veneers, can be used to whiten teeth permanently. Crowns are used for one tooth or a few teeth that are broken or discolored. Veneers are used to cover all the teeth with a thin layer of a composite material or porcelain that will remain white. They will not stain the way enamel can, so the results are permanent. Contact Windy City Family Dental today to make your appointment.