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Reasons to Consult a Top Periodontist in Lakeview for Gum Related Problems

Along with getting regular dental exams, some individuals might need to consult a periodontist in Lakeview for any gum related problems. This could include gingivitis which is a leading cause of gum inflammation and gum sensitivities. If left untreated, the teeth and underlying bone and other structures could become infected and cause tooth loss and even jawbone loss later down-the-road.

How Gingivitis Can Turn Into Periodontitis if Left Untreated

When people neglect to brush their teeth and take care of oral hygiene, plaque can build up on the outer tooth layers and even on the gum itself over time. This can lead to gingivitis which is usually the cause of gum recession and greater tooth area sensitivity and/or bleeding gums. If this serious oral health condition remains untreated, the patient could develop a more serious and extensive oral structure condition known as periodontitis that can impact underlying gum and tooth structures that might go into the bone itself.

Some Dental Professionals Say That Untreated Periodontitis Can Invade the Bloodstream

As if tooth loss and infected gums and worse aren’t bad enough, some dental professionals and medical researchers say that untreated periodontitis might even be able to invade the patient’s bloodstream giving the infection a way to spread to other organs throughout the body.

A Highly-Trained Periodontist Can Perform Cutting-Edge Treatment

A periodontist from Lakeview can perform innovative treatments including root planing and scaling, surgical grafts, and pocket reduction surgery, and/or soft-tissue grafts. Contact Art Of Modern Dentistry on their website today.