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Three Benefits Of Dental Implants In Charleston SC

Many people who have missing teeth are now considering dental implants for replacements instead of dentures. Implants are swiftly becoming more favorable because of the many advantages they offer. Individuals can read the information below to learn three benefits of consulting with a Dental Implants Charleston SC oral surgeon.

Implants Are Permanent

When individuals choose implants, they will never need to have their teeth replaced again. Implants are secured to the jaw bone and they stay in place for a lifetime. Since they’re anchored into the bone, they won’t slip or fall out when talking or coughing.
After several years of wearing dentures, they can wear out or become ill-fitting and then they’ll need to be replaced. When individuals choose implants, they’ll have teeth for the rest of their life.

Implants Look Natural

Many individuals who have dentures complain that their dentures don’t look like their natural teeth. Some dentures appear too large for a person’s mouth and it’s easy for others to tell that the individual is wearing them.

Before placing the implants into the jaw bone an oral surgeon will take impressions of the mouth to ensure that the crowns are fabricated to look natural in a person’s mouth. Unlike dentures, it’s impossible to tell when a person has dental implants because they look exactly like real teeth.

Implants Are Convenient

When individuals wear dentures, they have to remove them from their mouth to brush and clean them. Some foods are difficult for denture wearers to eat and it’s not uncommon for food particles to get stuck underneath the dentures and cause discomfort.

Individuals who have implants are able to eat any type of food they like without any problems. Cleaning implants is also simple because individuals use a regular toothbrush and brush them just like they always brushed their natural teeth. Individuals should consider all of the benefits of dental implants and discuss their options with a Dental Implants Charleston SC oral surgeon.

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