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Too Anxious For The Dentist? Sedation Dentistry in Garden City, NY May Be The Answer

For some, going to the dentist is a necessary inconvenience they must fit into their schedule, but for others with a great fear, going to the dentist is a terrifying experience. Those with dental phobia most likely had a bad experience at the dentist at one time during their lives but, for others, it may be fear of the needle used for anesthesia or even fear of the sounds the dental tools make. No matter what the fear may be, it’s real to the patient and may keep them from receiving the proper dental care they need. Occasionally, when in terrible dental pain, the anxious patient may have to concede and visit the dentist out of desperation. Fortunately, with the advancements in dental care, nobody has to suffer from anxiety or panic anymore. Sedation Dentistry in Garden City NY allows even the most panicked patient to feel comfortable and relaxed during their dental visit.

Oral sedation is one of the most popular types of sedation dentistry used today. It’s safe, works quickly and leaves the patient with little or no memory of any dental procedure performed. It’s always important to remember that, with sedation dentistry, the patient must have a ride to the appointment and back home afterward. This is non-negotiable, as the patient usually takes medication before leaving home and will begin to get groggy before arriving at the dental office.

After arriving a bit drowsy to the dental office, the dentist will usually administer another pill to the patient just prior to the start of the procedure. Some patients are minimally aware of what is happening, but others fall right to sleep during the procedure. None are anxious or worried. There is no fear or apprehension about the dental procedures being done. When the work is completed, the awakened patient can be driven home. Within a few hours, the effects of the medication will have worn off, and the patient is back to normal.

Don’t put off visiting the dentist due to fear. Contact Gerald B Grossman DDS to learn how sedation dentistry in Garden City NY can put dental worries to rest.