What Can Patients Expect From a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Austin TX?

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Dental

When a patient is missing some or all of their teeth, they can see the dentist about a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Austin TX. Reconstruction helps to restore a patient’s smile so they look more attractive, have greater confidence, and will be able to eat a wider array of healthy foods. Those who are considering full mouth restoration can make a sound decision by knowing what they can expect from the process. With this information, patients can be prepared.

While there are no specific treatments that are done in every smile restoration service, there are some common services that are carried out to help patients overcome their smile issues. These services include:

• Those who are missing teeth can have dental implants put in place. Titanium implants can be used to replace individual teeth or a full set of teeth. These implants are placed into the jawbone and can be used to hold individual prosthetic teeth or a set of denture plates, depending on the patient’s needs. Once in place, a person can have the full set of teeth that will allow them to smile and eat normally.

• Dental crowns can be placed over teeth that have become damaged or are not attractive. Many dental crowns can be created and put in place on the same day so a patient’s smile can be made much more attractive. Crowns can be placed anywhere in the smile, to cover all sizes and shapes of teeth.

• Teeth whitening can be carried out to whiten the patient’s own teeth so they blend in perfectly with the new implant additions or crowns. Today’s whitening treatments can whiten a patient’s teeth up to ten shades, depending on their level of staining.

• Shaping the teeth and gum tissue is also a part of a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Austin TX. It is important the tooth to gum ratio is balanced and the teeth are properly shaped and even so the smile looks beautiful.

With a smile restoration, your smile can look incredibly beautiful so you can finally regain your confidence.

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