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Learning The Difference Between Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry in Lawrence KS

It’s not always clear to the general public what the difference is between cosmetic and restorative dentistry in Lawrence KS. It might be said that all restorative treatments are cosmetic, but not all cosmetic treatments are restorative. The concept of restoration involves returning something to better function as well as to a more aesthetically appealing state. Cosmetic treatment, in contrast, may have no actual physical function, even though it may have substantial aesthetic value.

For example, teeth whitening and the application of porcelain veneers are cosmetic treatments that don’t have any actual function for chewing and maintaining the health and integrity of the entire mouth structure. Dental implants, in contrast, fill gaps where teeth normally would be, thus improving the person’s smile. They also function as permanent teeth in the mouth for chewing. They prevent teeth alongside the gap from shifting and they prevent the jawbone from deteriorating, just as normal teeth roots do. Restorative dentistry in Lawrence KS also includes services such as the fitting and provision of full sets of dentures as well as bridges to replace a smaller number of teeth.

Many people feel that purely cosmetic dental services do serve an important function: a psychological one. Research confirms the benefits for improved self-esteem and self-confidence, but unfortunately, that does not impress companies that provide dental insurance. Those insurers generally pay for at least some of the cost of dental implants and other restorative services, but not for veneers or teeth whitening.

Clinics that provide restorative dentistry also offer services considered entirely cosmetic. For instance, this is true of the clinic Wilkerson, Saunders & Anderson, also known as The Dentists in Lawrence. Patients can have teeth whitened, veneers and dental crowns placed, and composite bonding applied. These treatments can greatly improve the patient’s smile. Removable clear aligners also can be obtained that straighten teeth. The alignment of teeth is often a welcome process for adults who never had orthodontic therapy as children, or whose teeth had previously been straightened but have now shifted a bit. Anyone interested in restorative or cosmetic dental services may visit for further details.