Two Common Questions Often Asked About Dental Implants In Kalamazoo MI

by | Jun 20, 2016 | Dental Implants

If you have several missing teeth, but you don’t want to wear dentures the rest of your life, you may want to think about getting dental implants. Even though the process of getting dental implants takes months, the results are permanent and they last a lifetime. The information listed below answers two of the questions that people often ask about getting dental implants. After familiarizing yourself with this information, speak to a Dental Implants Kalamazoo MI area dentist about the procedure.

Q.) What is the estimated time frame from start to finish when getting dental implants?

A.) The time frame for getting dental implants can vary, but for most people it takes approximately six to eight months. The first stage of the procedure consists of placing the implants into the jawbone so they’ll be secure. When this step is completed, individuals must wait three to four months for the jawbone to grow around the implants. After the healing process is complete, the dentist secures a post into the top section of each implant and makes an impression for the crowns to be made. It may take a few weeks to make the crowns and this timeframe depends on the number of crowns that need to be made. After the crowns are placed on the top of the posts, the dental implant procedure is complete.

Q.) Is there an excessive amount of pain when a person gets dental implants?

A.) During each of the two surgeries for dental implants, individuals are given an anesthesia, so they won’t feel any pain at all during the surgery. After the surgery is finished, individuals will experience some pain in the area of the newly placed implants. A dental implants in Kalamazoo, MI area dentist can prescribe a pain reliever for patients to take and offer advice to help reduce the pain and swelling in the mouth. After the surgeries are complete and the implants have healed, individuals won’t have any pain at all.

If you think dental implants are right for you, contact Website and schedule an appointment to consult with a dentist about this procedure. After an examination and consultation, the dentist can answer any additional questions you may have.

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