What Will Life Be Like Once the Dental Veneers in Alexandria, VA are in Place?

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Dentist

Many people choose to invest in Dental Veneers in Alexandria VA as a way of dealing with certain types of issues related to the teeth and gums. Once the veneers are in place, the patient can expect several things to happen. Here are some examples.

In The Hours After the Procedure

Since the installation of porcelain or composite Dental Veneers in Alexandria VA does require some preparation of the teeth, the patient is provided with something to deaden the mouth. Expect the numbness to last for several hours after the procedure is complete. Many dentists will recommend that patients refrain from attempting to eat until the sensation returns. This is because it would be too easy to accidentally chew on the inner cheek or damage the tongue until the feeling is back. If the need for nourishment rolls around before the numbness wears off, consider that a good time to enjoy a beverage fortified with vitamins.

Over the Next Couple of Weeks

Once the sensation does return, the teeth may be a little sensitive for the next week or so. For many patients, the sensitivity is mild. To be on the safe side, try consuming food and drink that are closer to room temperature and avoid extremes of heat and cold. After a couple of weeks, the sensitivity should be gone.

A Checkup

The dentist who installed the veneers will want to check them in a month or so. This is important, because the professional wants to make sure the veneers are adhering to the surfaces properly and that there is no gum inflammation. Assuming all is well, the patient can resume the typical dental routine that includes seeing the dentist for a full annual checkup and at a cleaning every six months.

When veneers start to look like the best solution, discover more info here about how to prepare for the procedure, what happens in the hours and weeks afterward, and the long-term benefits that result from this type of dental treatment. Talk with a dentist about any questions that come to mind. Once the patient is satisfied that the veneers will provide the benefits desired, schedule a date for the work to commence.

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