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When Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Essential?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars appearing at the very back of your mouth. They tend to make their appearance sometime between ages 17 and 21. This marks at least the start of a time when individuals are supposed to be possessed with some form of wisdom. These molars are often accompanied by a very painful wisdom. In Hamilton, dentists generally must then ascertain whether wisdom teeth removal may provide the necessary relief.

When Extraction Is Essential

In Hamilton, dentists understand the problems associated with the appearance of wisdom teeth. They can talk to you about what actions are suitable to address any issues. They consider extraction necessary if the following apply:

  • The wisdom teeth are only able to break partway through the gum’s surface
  • They are not able to escape from within the bone
  • They lack the room to grow straight
  • X-rays reveal the wisdom tooth or teeth are going to grow in
    • Crooked
    • Sideways
    • Misshapen

As a result, the tooth becomes “impacted.” While other teeth may suffer from this condition, it is more prevalent among the wisdom teeth.

When this condition occurs, your dentist may consider wisdom teeth removal to be the best option. This requires the administration of some form of anesthetic, e.g, sedation, local or general. An incision is next followed by the removal of any bones blocking access to the tooth’s root. After removing the tooth, generally in sections, the dentist cleans and then stitches. The dentist then prescribes painkillers to ease any discomfort. The entire process is not lengthy unless complications occur. Recovery time may be a day or two.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

When the wisdom teeth occur, this is not an immediate indication they require extraction. Wisdom teeth removal should only occur after consultation with a dentist. If you live in the Hamilton area, get in touch with the professionals at Gatehouse Dental, before you make any decision.