Tips for Preparing Yourself for a Root Canal in Guilford CT

by | Mar 29, 2016 | Dental Care

When most people hear they need a root canal, they become alarmed, not knowing what to expect. A root canal is a procedure that can help to save a person’s tooth from being lost due to necrosis. This crucial procedure often needs to be carried out after the damage has been caused by a cavity or infection. If treatment is not carried out promptly, a person could end up losing their tooth. To ensure a person does not feel overly nervous, it can help if they know what to expect from their Root Canal in Guilford CT.

Root canal procedures have been given a poor reputation, mostly because false information has been spread. This procedure is relatively straightforward, and most people conclude it does not cause them any more pain than a tooth filling would. Since the patient is fully numbed during the procedure, no pain is felt, and most people report they only felt mild soreness after their work was carried out.

When a patient comes in for a Root Canal in Guilford CT, the dentist will work to make sure their tooth is protected. The first step in the process involves the dentist creating a small opening in the crown. It is through this opening, the dentist will be able to carry out the work that must be done to ensure the tooth health is no longer being compromised. The goal of the procedure is to first clean out the entire inside of the tooth, so no diseased tissue or infection remain. This is done via special tools called canal files.

Once the tooth has been cleaned, the dentist will work to fill it. Filling the tooth takes place with two layers. The first layer is made of gutta-percha, a spongy material that allows the tooth to expand and contract normally. The second layer is a harder sealant that prevents damage when biting.

If your dentist has said you need a root canal, there is no reason to worry. For more information, visit our website. This site will give you all the information you need so you can know what to expect from the dental services provided.

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