Recovering From Oral Surgery in Suffolk County NY

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Dentist

When someone has a tooth extracted, it is likely they will want to minimize any pain or discomfort that often comes along after oral surgery in Suffolk County, NY. Knowing ways to keep from suffering will make the recovery process tolerable. Here are some tips to consider when having a tooth pulled.

Ask The Practitioner For Medication Recommendations

Most oral surgeons will prescribe pain relief medication for those who have a tooth extraction. If a practitioner does not supply a prescription, they will be able to discuss which over-the-counter pain relievers will be safe to take after the surgery is conducted. It is important to take medication soon after the surgery, so excessive pain is not felt as any anesthesia or numbing agents wear off.

Avoid Stressful Situations And Rest As Needed

After a tooth is removed, the patient should to their best to rest as much as possible so the affected area can heal quickly. Taking the rest of the day off from work is best. The patient can relax at home where they will have supplies on hand to aid with their comfort as needed. Moving around too quickly or engaging in stressful situations can make the patient feel worse at a time when healing is desired.

Heed The Oral Surgeons Warnings Regarding Dry Socket Possibilities

When a tooth is pulled, the area of the gums where it was removed from, will need to be cared for properly. This includes avoiding smoking and using a straw. These actions can cause the blood clot that forms over the area where the tooth was located, to dislodge. If this happens, severe pain will be likely as the nerves in the socket area will be exposed. Using gauze to cover the socket is recommended for several hours after surgery to stop bleeding.

When there is a need to have oral surgery in Suffolk County, NY, finding the right practitioner to do the job is a must. Contact Business Name to find out more about the process of having a tooth pulled and to make an appointment as needed.

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