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Fighting Gum Disease in Plainville, CT

No matter your age, health, or what you eat, gum disease can strike at anytime. This is why it is so important that you practice good oral health care and make regular visits to a quality dentist. Even if you brush and floss regularly at home, you will very likely suffer from this disease if you do not work with a dentist to prevent it. Visiting a dentist will help ensure that any plaque and tartar that you have on your teeth will be removed on a regular basis.

Risk Factors

There are a number of things that put you at a higher risk of developing gum disease in Plainville, CT. These include diabetes, taking certain medications that actually inhibit saliva flow, and smoking. Smoking is actually one of the most common reasons why people develop gum disease, although hormonal changes in teenagers and genetic reasons are also common factors in acquiring this disease. Ultimately, it is important to understand that even if you are not genetically predisposed to this disease and do take care of your teeth, you are still at a risk for developing it, due to the difficulty of reaching and cleaning all of the plaque and tartar that are on your teeth.


There are a few ways of treating gum disease, with the main goal being controlling the infection and keeping it from spreading. Quitting smoking, undergoing a deep cleaning which involves scraping off tartar, and even taking certain medications can help with treating this disease. In extreme cases, your dentist may suggest surgery to remove deep pockets of inflammation and infection. This is not common and most patients can avoid these extreme measures with preventative care.

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