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Gum Issues? You Might Need to See a Periodontist

Gum problems are common among Americans, and most of them stem from the lack of proper dental hygiene or preventative care. As we age, the issues might get worse. Fortunately, if you see a periodontist in Arlington Heights at the first sign of a problem, the issues are usually reversible.

What Does a Periodontist Do?

A periodontist is a dental specialist who focuses on the gums. These dentists study for a few years following dental school. They focus on not only treating the diseases of the gums, but also diagnosing and preventing these diseases. Though you might feel nervous seeing a periodontist, it’s important to do so. The more quickly you get into see this specialist, the better the outcome.

Periodontists spend most of the day doing procedures like scaling or root planning, which is the cleaning of the roots of the teeth. They also remove damaged gum tissue and perform surgery on the gums. Periodontists also might help to prepare your gums and jaw for dental implants.

Who Should See a Periodontist

Most of us won’t have to see a periodontist unless our dentist recommends it due to problematic gums. However, people who have certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or chronic heart problems and have issues with their gums. Pregnant women also often have gum problems. Those people are often referred to a periodontist, at least for the short-term, to both prevent and diagnose gum diseases.

What to Expect At Your Visit

The first time you see a periodontist, you might feel overwhelmed, but there is nothing to be nervous about. The doctor checks your gums and your bite, and he or she also checks for any loose teeth. They also might examine the areas between your teeth, as this is where gum disease is most prevalent. You also might sit for X-rays.

Once the periodontist has all of this information, they make a diagnosis, and then discuss a treatment plan. Before you know it, you will have that bright smile you have been dreaming about.

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