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Procedures Used by a Cosmetic Dentist to Replace a Missing Tooth

Everyone looks better when they smile. However, if someone is missing a tooth, they will be less likely to flash a toothy grin. Losing a tooth is a fear of many people. If this fear becomes a reality, it’s time to make an appointment with a local dentist as soon as possible. There are many procedures a local Cosmetic dentist can use to fill in the gap.


Perhaps the latest advancement in cosmetic dentistry is the dental implant. This procedure is most commonly used to replace a single tooth, but implants can also be used to replace an entire mouth of teeth. Implants are only used if the patient has healthy gum tissue and has not experienced too much jaw bone recession. In this procedure, a Cosmetic dentist will surgically place a steel post into the jaw bone. This post will mimic the natural root of a tooth. Once the surgical site heals and the implant has bonded to the bone, the dentist will screw a ceramic crown into place. Implants look and feel very realistic.


In the event, a patient needs to have an entire row of teeth pulled, the dentist may recommend getting dentures. These false teeth are created in a lab to snugly fit in the patient’s mouth. Dentures rest on top of the gum tissue, and they may even be glued in place during the day. They are usually removed at night and soaked in a disinfecting solution. Dentures are suitable for most patients regardless of bone loss or gum disease. They are also one of the most affordable options.


In cases where a patient is missing a single tooth, a dental bridge may be an option. Bridges work by connecting a false tooth to adjacent, healthy teeth. A bridge consists of two dental crowns with a false tooth in the center. The crowns are cemented onto the healthy teeth, and the false tooth will rest on top of the gum tissue. Patients must take care to brush and floss around the bridge to prevent bacteria from growing under it.

If a patient ever loses a tooth due to disease, injury, or decay, there is no need to worry. A dentist will either use implants, dentures, or bridges to replace the missing tooth or teeth. Visit website to see other cosmetic dentistry procedures offered.