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The Benefits of Getting Dentures in Oceanside, CA

When teeth are missing, it doesn’t just impact your looks. It can also have other adverse effects. Because of this, those with one or more missing teeth should look into the options for replacing these teeth. When multiple teeth or most teeth are missing, this may mean checking out the options for Dentures Oceanside CA dentists have available. Dentures have a number of potential benefits.

Improved Ability to Speak

When speaking, it’s necessary for the tongue to hit the teeth in order to properly pronounce some letters. This means that replacing missing teeth can make it possible to speak more understandably. Everyone prefers to be understood when they speak, so this is a major benefit.

Improved Looks

Missing teeth may make it so the muscles of the face sag, which can make a person look older. Getting dentures will provide more structure to the face and limit this problem. It will also give you a beautiful white smile as long as the dentures are properly taken care of. This means using a specially designed toothbrush and denture cleaner to keep the dentures clean.

Improved Eating Ability

Missing teeth may make it impossible to eat certain foods. Getting a set of the Dentures Oceanside CA dentists have to offer will help minimize this problem. There will still be a few limitations on what can be eaten, as dentures aren’t quite as efficient at chewing food as real teeth. However, once you get used to dentures, you’ll find you can eat most foods. Dentures that don’t fit properly can make it hard to eat, so contact the dentist to evaluate the fit of the dentures if eating continues to be a problem. Custom-designed dentures will be more likely to offer the most benefits rather than an off-the-shelf option.

Expected Usefulness

Keep in mind that dentures won’t last forever. They often need to be replaced within seven years or whenever dentures start to become uncomfortable due to wear. Dentures that are too old may be more likely to break or cause irritation. Make sure to get a dental exam each year as, otherwise, the dentures may be hiding a dental issue that would go untreated.

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