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Details About Invisalign Braces In San Diego, CA

In California, patients with tooth alignment problems have several options. They aren’t restricted to metal or ceramic braces. Dental professionals offer Invisalign braces that don’t present patients with the drawbacks of traditional braces. Reviewing details about Invisalign Braces in San Diego CA helps patients make well-informed decisions.

Creating a Mold of the Patient’s Teeth

Dental professionals acquire a mold of the patient’s teeth to start the process. New molds are made at different phases of treatment. The dentist provides a new set of braces every six weeks or as the straightening process progresses.

Why Do Patients Prefer Invisalign Braces?

Patients prefer Invisalign braces because the products are not easy to see. The design isn’t the same as more traditional braces, which are awkward and highly visible. The braces fit over the teeth like a mouthpiece but lie flush against the teeth. The products are removable, and patients brush their teeth without difficulties.

Are the Braces Covered by Dental Insurance?

The braces aren’t covered under every dental insurance plan. Some plans consider Invisalign a cosmetic service instead of restorative. Policies that cover the braces impose some limitations and require patients to pay a larger portion of the cost. Patients who want to obtain these braces are encouraged to consult their dental office for insurance information. Office managers calculate the total cost for the braces with or without dental coverage.

Are Payment Plans Available to Patients?

Patients without any dental insurance coverage start a payment plan for their braces. The dental professional provides details about different payment plan options. The opportunities require a down payment and monthly installment payments. Select dental offices set up the plans according to what the patients can afford. The total cost of the braces depends on the total number of sets required to straighten the teeth completely.

In California, patients address alignment issues with braces. Their dental professionals determine which braces are most suitable for the patient. Typically, Invisalign braces are used for patients with mild to moderate alignment issues. The benefits of the products are reduced visibility and that they are removable. Patients who want to learn more about Invisalign Braces in San Diego CA visit right now. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.