Repair Your Damaged Teeth

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Dental

When you have damaged teeth, you can visit a cosmetic dentist in Bloomingdale, Il. While improving the function of your teeth is of primary importance, you will also want to have attractive teeth. When a tooth is badly decayed, you should ask a dentist about having a customized dental crown placed on the tooth. If the tooth is in horrible condition, then our dentist will remove the top of the tooth to reach its pulp. This substance is scooped from the tooth, and our dentist will also pull the roots from the bottom of the tooth and the gum tissue.

Root Canals and Dental Crowns

After a root canal, the tooth isn’t stable, but a dentist can fill it with a soft substance that will dry to support the tooth. When the substance in the tooth hardens, a cosmetic dentist in Bloomingdale can place the customized dental crown over it. This dental crown is made from a color-matching material, and it will fit precisely over the tooth. You can care for a dental crown in the same way as your teeth, but your dentist should check it every six months to ensure that it is in the best condition.

Visit Our Dentist Today for Cosmetic Procedures

If the natural teeth that are surrounding your dental crown are discolored, then our cosmetic dentist in Bloomingdale can whiten your teeth with a special process. Your natural teeth are covered with hydrogen peroxide, and when our dentist adds water to your mouth, this substance begins to bubble. This chemical reaction will lift the stains from your teeth in 45 minutes, creating a dazzling smile that can last as long as a year. To learn more about having an attractive smile, visit the Pure Dental Spa website located at .

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