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Considering the Merits of Partial Dentures in Westbury, NY

An unfortunate set of circumstances has led to the need to remove a few teeth. Since they are all adjacent to one another, the dentist recommends investing in a partial denture to fill in the gap. Here are some of the benefits that partial dentures in Westbury, NY provide.

A Less Invasive Approach

There is no doubt that Partial Dentures in Westbury, NY are a great approach for anyone who does not want to undergo an invasive procedure. Creating the denture plate will involve a fitting, but that can be done with relative ease. In fact, the patient will feel more discomfort from having the teeth pulled than from undergoing the fitting.

Made to Order

Partials are made to resemble the teeth that are now history. This helps to ensure that the look is natural. As part of the process, the dental professional will choose a shade of white that matches the surrounding teeth. Once the partial is in place, it will be hard for anyone to tell the difference.

Easy to Clean

A removable partial is not hard to remove at the end of the day. Using simple cleaning methods will keep it looking great for years. While the patient does need to avoid dropping the partial on any hard surfaces during the cleaning, the process of maintaining the device is not difficult at all.

The Comfort Factor

Along with keeping the partial in position, the adhesive used for the job helps to provide some cushioning. That helps to alleviate any abrasion that would cause the gum to become sore. It’s easy to slip the partial into position in the morning and feel just fine all day.

Taking the time to learn more about partial dentures and what they have to offer is a wise move. Meet Dr. Grossman today and go over all the details about how these dentures are made, what it takes to ensure they fit properly, and how to care for them once they are in use every day. Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind. After discussing the options, there is a good chance the client will decide that a partial denture is a way to go.