The Dentist in Kona Can Improve Your Smile

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Dentist

While most people go to the dentist to protect their oral health, many dental offices now also offer cosmetic dental treatments that help people to improve their smiles. Major advancements have been made in cosmetic dental care, allowing people to overcome a host of cosmetic concerns for more attractive smiles. Those who have staining, malformations, or missing teeth can benefit from the treatments offered by the Dentist in Kona.

Common treatments for cosmetic concerns include:

  *     When tooth stains are causing a person to feel ashamed of their smile, there are treatments available that can remove them. Tooth stains become a problem due to the foods and beverages a person consumes. They can also be caused by certain types of medications. Tooth whitening uses hydrogen peroxide to deeply whiten the teeth and remove years of staining. In one or more treatments, people can have their teeth whitened up to ten shades.

  *     Should a person be missing some of their natural teeth, it can be difficult to feel comfortable smiling. The dentist can replace these missing teeth with permanent titanium implants. Implants can allow a person’s smile to be made whole so they can feel more attractive. These implants can also allow a person to regain their full ability to chew and bite normally.

  *     When there are multiple issues with the teeth, veneers may be the answer. Veneers can be made from porcelain sheets or from composite materials that are applied in layers. These treatments completely cover the visible areas of the teeth, so gaps are closed, and permanent staining, damage, and malformations are taken care of.

  *     Sometimes, a person can experience damage to one of the teeth in the front of their mouth. Chips and cracks can make a person’s smile look less attractive. A bonding agent can be applied to the teeth to cover the damage and make the tooth whole again. If you are dealing with any cosmetic concerns, now is the time to see the Dentist in Kona.

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