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Tips for Keeping Affordable Dentures Comfortable When Dealing With Sjogren’s Syndrome

People with Sjogren’s syndrome can have a difficult time wearing a full set of dentures because of their dry mouth symptoms. Yet many people do not have dental insurance and cannot afford the cost of implants. When working with a dentist to be fit with Affordable Dentures, it’s essential to tell that dentist about the health condition, the problems with dry mouth and any medications the person is taking. Together, this health care practitioner and the patient can do whatever is necessary to make the dentures comfortable so the individual can chew normally and have an attractive smile. A dentist such as Robert S. Ogden is eager to help patients who need dentures and face issues with their comfort. Visit the website for more information on this practitioner.

Even people who do not have any health disorders should give their gums a rest every day and keep the dentures out for several hours. Most denture wearers do this at night while sleeping. A Sjogren’s patient may want to keep the dentures out even more often if that’s an acceptable option. Another helpful strategy is to use a saliva substitute, which the person already may be doing because of mouth dryness. Dentists can provide a prescription-strength product that is even more effective and will help keep Affordable Dentures comfortable. Soothing gels are useful for moisturizing the gums, and some of those products will help heal any sores that might develop.

During the course of the day, these dental patients can keep the mouth hydrated by sipping on water. If the workplace doesn’t allow this, the individual with Sjogren’s should drink plenty of water during breaks and rinse the mouth. If possible, he or she may remove the dentures, rinse them and moisturize the gum tissue, then put the false teeth in place again. Obviously, this is not convenient for everyone, but it’s important for Sjogren’s patients to consider all their options for keeping their mouths hydrated so their dentures are comfortable. They should consult the dentist about any problems that develop and not feel hesitant to do so. This practitioner wants to help and has dedicated a career to people’s oral health. You can also follow them on Twitter.