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Using A Dentist in St Peter MN To Help With Tooth Sensitivity Issues

When someone suffers from tooth sensitivity, they most likely want to eliminate or reduce the pain they feel regularly. Tooth sensitivity is caused when the top layer of a tooth, the enamel, wears away. This can happen for several reasons. The bad part about the loss of enamel is that once it is gone, it cannot be replaced. Seeing a Dentist in St Peter MN is the best way to eliminate this type of trouble. There are a few steps the person can try at home as well.

First, it is important to avoid substances that make the sensitivity occur. This is usually hot and cold beverages, sugary sweets, and being in cold weather outdoors. Try to drink lukewarm liquids to help minimize the feeling of sensitivity. Avoid being outdoors when the temperature plummets or place a scarf over the mouth to help keep sensitivity at bay.

When brushing the teeth, avoid using the same motions each time. If someone brushes with a back and forth motion, they should switch to an up and down motion the next day. This will help keep enamel from wearing prematurely.

It is important to avoid using any type of tooth whitening product when suffering from sensitivity. These will often eliminate more enamel, making the problem worse. Baking soda should not be used as a toothpaste when suffering from this condition as this can also take away the enamel layer on the teeth.

Going to a dentist is one of the best ways to eliminate this problem. They will assess the situation and determine what course in treatment to take to stop the problem. They may prescribe a sensitivity toothpaste for those who do not have severe cases. In worse cases, a dentist will cover the area with a filling to help keep nerves from being exposed.

If someone is in need of a dentist in St Peter MN to help with sensitivity, they call a professional service in the area. Visit our website to learn more about a great practice and to become familiar with the services offered. An appointment can then be made for a consultation if desired.