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Are You Experiencing A Problem With Wisdom Teeth?

Most people get their wisdom teeth while they are in their late teens or early twenties. Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars, when they are properly aligned they are advantageous to have, unfortunately they usually are impacted or misaligned and need to be removed.

Wisdom teeth will often position themselves horizontally or somehow angled away from or in the direction of the second molars. This condition can result in damage to the second molars or cause problems with the jaw. There are also problems when the teeth only partially break the surface of the gums. This allows the entry of bacteria which can cause an infection.

Removal of wisdom teeth:

Dentists in Gold Coast Chicago often have to rely on X-Rays to determine the real position of your wisdom teeth. In many cases the dentist can see a potential problem and will recommend that they be extracted before the problem becomes acute. This is often the best solution; it is less complicated and less painful to extract them early than it is to wait.

What to expect during wisdom teeth removal:

Prior to extracting the teeth your dentists in Gold Coast Chicago will numb the area using the same local anesthetic that would be used if you were having a cavity filled. Most dentists go one step further, they provide a sedative that controls anxiety; this is usually nitrous oxide or an oral anesthetic in the form of a tablet.

The ease in which the wisdom teeth come out depends on their relative position in the jaw and their development. A wisdom tooth that has erupted fully is no more difficult to extract than any other tooth. If the tooth lies under the gum or is imbedded in the jawbone it will be necessary to open the gum surgically and remove the bone that lies over the tooth. Often, the dentist will remove the wisdom tooth in small pieces; this minimizes the amount of bone that must be disturbed.

It may take a week or so for the site to completely heal. During this time you can expect a little tenderness and facial swelling, neither of which are a problem.

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