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Services Provided by an Emergency Dentist in Providence, RI

At some point in many people’s lives, they find themselves suddenly in need of a dentist. It might be that they have a toothache so bad, that they need to have the tooth extracted. Maybe they were at a ball game and a tooth got knocked out. It could be that they have an abscess and need to have it looked at right away, before it burst. There is an emergency dentist in Providence RI who provides such services for patients. These are some of the specific services provided by a dentist who offers emergency services.

Some things that people may call a dental emergency are not true emergencies at all. That is, these are issues that can wait until the next working day to be addressed. There are other issues that can’t wait. One of these issues is an abscessed tooth. If the patient waits, the abscess could burst and lead to poisoning in the blood stream. Another issue may be because of extreme tooth pain that cannot be eased with over-the-counter medication. The emergency dentist may need to extract the tooth.

Other dental emergencies include, but are not limited to, chipped or cracked teeth, fillings that have fallen out and need to be replaced, and emergency root canal surgery. The emergency dentist is prepared to operate on all these issues, and offers services after normal business hours. Oftentimes, these services are also available on the weekends, when dental offices are closed. Those who feel as if they are in a situation warranting emergency dental care should find a clinic or dental office that offers these services as soon as possible.

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