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Going To A Dental Office in Austin TX After A Tooth Is Knocked Out

When someone has an incident happen where one of their teeth is knocked out of their mouth, they will want to take the needed steps in retaining it and getting to a Dental Office in Austin TX promptly. If a tooth is cared for properly, and if the person is able to get to the facility immediately, there is a chance they will able to have the tooth placed back in the mouth successfully. Here are some steps one can take after losing a tooth in an attempt to have it saved.

Hold The Tooth Properly

When picking up a tooth that had been knocked out of the mouth, it is important not to touch the root area. Oils on the fingers and the pressure applied with fingers when grasping at the tooth can cause the root portion to become damaged. This would lead to it not being able to be put back into the mouth. Grab the tooth by the crown portion when picking it up from the floor or ground.

Wash The Tooth Thoroughly

The tooth should be washed to remove any bacteria from the surface. This should be done using milk instead of water. Water may have minerals in its composition. These can be damaging to the root of the tooth. Pour some milk over the tooth to remove surface dirt.

Place The Tooth In A Container

If the tooth can be put back into the mouth, it can be held in place with the tongue until a dentist can see the patient. The root portion should be pushed into the socket. If this is not able to be done successfully, the tooth should be put in a clean container. Milk can then be added to the container to keep the root portion moist during the ride to the dental office.

If someone needs assistance with a tooth that had fallen out, they will want to get to a Dental Office in Austin TX right away. Take a look at  to find out more about the service they offer and to get contact information to let them know an emergency tooth replacement is needed.