Your Gold Standard Dental Tools From Palm Coast, FL Save Time

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Dental Care

After dental expertise and staffing, your instruments provide you the best opportunity to showcase your performance and efficiency as a top-notch clinic. The tools you choose must instill confidence and durability.

Problems and Solutions

Traditional diamond burs run the risk of fracturing the crown. The work is slow and tedious. Micro-fractures can harass today’s dentists, jeopardizing the quality and strength of completed crowns and bridges.

The solution is in the grit, the size of the particles on the surface of abrasive materials. A grit like a coarse grit, but perfected to eliminate the risk of chipping or fracturing the porcelain crown, offers the best results.

Polishing Discs for Dental Perfection

The right tool for the job improves efficiency, saves time, and ensures a satisfied patient.

When it comes to polishing discs for dental procedures, there is a tool for every occasion and need, including polishers for precious alloys, such as:

• Brownies used for smoothing.

• Charcoal used for pre-grinding.

• Greenies used for high-gloss polishing.

It would be best if you had an instrument manufacturer whose products are on the quality edge and whose customer service is second to none. Whether it is a grinder for removing ceramic and metal or the best polishing kits following bracket removal, you want to ensure that your clinic uses the best instruments for the price.

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