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What Does Periodontal Therapy Entail?

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults across the country. In addition to tooth loss, it can also cause an increased risk of strokes and heart attacks, and can exacerbate existing medical problems in those who are pregnant or have been diagnosed with diabetes. Because there is not typically any pain associated with periodontal disease, many patients put off seeking treatment. This is a mistake.

Periodontal Therapy is an effective means of combating the disease, but it is most effective when the problem is caught early through screening. Those who are experiencing bleeding gums most likely already have at least an early form of the disease. Non-surgical treatments provide a practical and fairly non-invasive solution, so there’s no sense in putting off getting necessary care.

One form of Periodontal Therapy is scaling and root planning. This involves removing the bacterial plaque and toxins, as well as diseased sections of the outer root covering, both above and below the gum line in order to reduce infection. Most patients can, once the infection has been reduced to a manageable level, combat the spread of the disease through natural immune system response. As many as four appointments may be necessary to effectively remove bacterial deposits.

Some offices use laser assisted therapy to accomplish similar goals. A soft tissue laser can be used by a trained professional to eliminate periodontal pathogens, while simultaneously coagulating blood vessels in the area to facilitate faster healing. It is almost always used in conjunction with more conventional scaling and root planning, and can increase the effectiveness of these procedures drastically in the long term.

A third technique that sometimes forms a part of comprehensive periodontal disease treatment plans is the use fo the antibiotic Arestin. It is usually applied directly after the above listed procedures are performed, and can help to kill any bacteria that has been left behind by scaling and laser treatments.

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