Uses for Porcelain Crowns in Kingston PA

by | May 15, 2019 | Dentist

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that can be placed over a tooth in order to protect it from additional damage or to restore its original shape. The most commonly used type of dental crown is Porcelain Crowns in Kingston PA, which are popular because they look just like natural teeth. These permanently affixed protective barriers form a complete barrier between the affected tooth and the rest of the mouth, both at and above the gum line. Patients’ reasons for getting crowns are all a little different, but below are just a few of the most common reasons that dentists recommend the procedure.

Protection for a Weakened Tooth

Crowns are often installed over teeth that have already shown signs of significant decay. Most of the time dentists will use a filling if it is appropriate, but teeth that have already been severely damaged often need a little bit of extra help.

Restoring a Broken Tooth

Teeth that have been cracked, broken, or severely worn down can be prone to further damage if left unsupported. The more extensive the damage is, the more likely it is that the tooth will require a crown.

Covering Dental Implants

Newly installed dental implants are usually covered with a temporary crown until they have fully healed, at which point permanent Porcelain Crowns in Kingston PA can be affixed to them. When used in conjunction with dental implants, crowns can completely replace already missing teeth.

Holding a Dental Bridge in Place

Even healthy teeth sometimes require crowns if other teeth in the mouth are missing. Installing a porcelain crown allows dentists to use specialized prostheses like permanent dental bridges to replace missing teeth without the expense associated with dental implants.

Improving Appearance

Dental patients with teeth that are severely misshapen or discolored sometimes opt to have a porcelain crown installed over them to improve their appearance. Most of the time dentists will attempt to whiten the teeth first if discoloration is the only issue, but often crowns are the simplest and most effective way to correct misshapen teeth.

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