The Correct Way to Whiten Teeth for a Brilliant Smile

by | May 15, 2019 | Dental

There are countless television commercials and other advertisements promising that their product will give you the whitest teeth around. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these dental whitening products sold over-the-counter at grocery and drug stores do not live up to the hype. Learn the correct way to whiten teeth for a brilliant smile others are sure to envy. There are new innovative teeth whitening treatments that your dentist can perform in the office. These products are able to lift stains to lighten tooth color up several shades in usually just one visit. Learn more about this revolutionary teeth whitening Elk Grove Village individuals can opt for.

Many things can cause discolorations and unsightly stains on our teeth. Common problematic things include cigarette smoking, acidic beverages and foods, tea, coffee, various medications, certain health treatments, age, general health, different health conditions and more. Caner treatments, autoimmune therapy and asthma medications can all lead to tooth discoloration if not getting appropriate dental treatment to prevent or remedy this situation. Everyone can find a talented local dentist able to provide truly effective teeth whitening Elk Grove Village and surrounding area current patients can attest to. Do it right the first time, and make an appointment at your dentist office.

During teeth whitening treatments, the dentist applies a thick gel that contains professional strength bleaching agents safe for teeth. This is then allowed to be thoroughly absorbed deep into the inner layers of the teeth. The dentist might also recommend dental office supplied professional teeth whitener trays that the patient can take home and use with the proper instructions to retain the level of whiteness. Consider making a convenient appointment for professionally done teeth whitening Elk Grove Village dentist Dr. Brian Homann can do in just one short visit.

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