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Oral Surgical Care Allentown PA: Tips for Recovery from Oral Surgery

After someone undergoes oral surgery, there are several, simple steps that can be taken to help reduce pain and help the mouth recover quickly. While the oral surgeon is going to provide some Oral Surgical Care Allentown, PA after a procedure, there are certain things that are up to the patient. Keep reading to learn what to do (or not do) after oral surgery.

Take it Easy

It’s important to take it easy and rest at home after oral surgery. Also, avoid any type of physical activity. It can be helpful to keep the head elevated with pillows to help reduce bleeding and swelling.

Use Ice

A great tip for helping reduce swelling is to apply ice packs for the face for 15 minutes on and then 15 minutes off. Continue this until the swelling dissipates.

Eat Only Soft Foods

It’s a good idea to stick to an all-liquid or soft food diet for the first few days after the surgical procedure. Try to choose things like mashed potatoes, smoothies, fruit milkshakes, yogurts, and soups.

Take the Prescribed Antibiotics

If the oral surgeon or dentist prescribes a person antibiotic, they need to finish it as instructed. When it comes to Oral Surgical Care in Allentown PA, this is an important step, because without the proper antibiotics, an infection may occur.

Keep the Surgical Area Clean

After a day (24 hours) has passed, rinse the surgical area gently using warm salt water. To do this, mix a teaspoon of salt in about eight ounces of water) four times per day. Make sure to rinse after eating, and that the water removes any bits of food that have collected near the surgical area.

In some cases, the surgeon may recommend a chlorhexidine rinse. This is effective at killing bacteria.

If an oral surgery patient needs more information about recovering from their surgical procedure, they can also contact the team at Nurture Dental Health. There’s also help available if the individual takes the time to visit online. Recovering from oral surgery doesn’t have to be painful and stressful when the tips and information here are put to use.