When You Need Orthodontic Treatment in Bridgewater, NJ

by | May 13, 2019 | Dentist

When people think about the need for corrective dental work, they correctly think about going to see an orthodontist who will provide a variety of treatment options. Most of the time, parents have their children see an orthodontist early on to begin preventive treatment of their teeth. A family dentistry provides Orthodontic Treatment in Bridgewater NJ for patients of all ages, offering them two types. Here is a look at these types of orthodontic treatments that patients will need to consider if they want optimum protection for their teeth.

Types of Orthodontic Treatment Offered

The first type of orthodontic treatment offered to patients is preventive orthodontic care and is usually for children between the ages of seven and eleven while they still are losing baby teeth and gaining permanent teeth. The idea behind this treatment is to correct any problems that might occur before they actually become a problem, such as an overbite and impacted teeth. The child may have to wear braces to correct the teeth if there is already a slight problem, but the braces no longer have to be the burdensome metal braces.

More on the Types of Orthodontic Treatments

The second orthodontic treatment option occurs at a later age or whenever all of the permanent teeth have come in for the patient, which usually begins around the age of twelve. Once again, the idea is to provide corrective treatment for the teeth. In this case, that means preventing the crowding of the teeth or the misalignment of the teeth. Patients have the options to get the traditional metal braces, ceramic braces that are clear, or the more popular Invisalign clear aligners.

A Family Dentist in New Jersey for Orthodontic Treatment

With the ease of a click of a button on the internet, potential patients should be able to find a family dentist anywhere in New Jersey. Bedminster Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is a family dental clinic that provides orthodontic treatment for patients as well as other dental services. If a person is in need of Orthodontic Treatment in Bridgewater NJ, the clinic is available. Visit the website for more information.

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