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Types Of Sleep Dentistry In Sydney And Their Benefits

Most people have heard of sleep dentistry in Sydney but may not realise that there are four levels of sedation available. Each one offers the same advantages, but it depends on how anxious and upset you are about your visit. Understanding the levels and benefits can ensure that you get the procedures you need and come away with a beautifully restored smile.

The Levels Of Sedation

There are four primary sedation levels. The first is minimal, where you are awake and relaxed. You may take medication before you arrive at the office. The moderate level is also called conscious sedation. You aren’t very aware, but are still awake. The dentist can usually tell you to open wider or close the mouth, and you can comply.

With level three, you are in deep sedation. You are considered asleep, but can be woken up if necessary. General anaesthesia is the last level, and during this stage, you are completely unconscious.


Now that you better understand the levels of sleep dentistry in Sydney, it’s time to focus on the advantages. While it can be scary to consider taking pills or getting a shot and being asleep, you will wake up once the procedure is finished. The primary benefit is that you’re relaxed throughout the event. You can take the treatment in a relaxed state, which is easier on your body and easier for the dentist.

You’ll also be more responsible about your oral care. Most people skip the dentist’s chair because they’re afraid, which means they don’t get x-rays, cleanings and other necessary treatment. While sedation can be used for extensive procedures, it can also be administered for regular visits, as well.

You get the benefits of having pain-free dental care and keep your mouth healthy.