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Top 3 Misconceptions About Wearing Braces You Shouldn’t Believe

Orthodontics has come a long way, and it has been gaining popularity over the years. The introduction of virtually invisible braces has attracted several people who want to achieve a beautiful smile. A lifetime of a happy smile begins by understanding the facts and misconceptions related to wearing braces. Most people have concerns and worries about wearing braces because of the myths they have heard or read on the internet and from friends.

Teeth Need to Be Pulled

You shouldn’t be deceived that your teeth must be pulled for you to get braces. The modern dental technology allows orthodontists to make a room even if you have crowded teeth without permanent tooth extractions. Permanent tooth extractions in both adults and kids have adverse effects on their self-esteem. Therefore, your orthodontist will place braces without necessarily extracting your teeth.

Braces Are Just for Children and Teenagers

Braces have for the longest time ever been associated with children and teenagers. Braces in Palm Coast area are available to all ages. Surprisingly, the number of adult patients has been increasing over time. One of the reasons why adults are also embracing braces is the introduction of invisible braces.

Braces Will Take at Least Two Years

The myth has discouraged several patients from braces. The truth is that advanced orthodontic treatment offers an entirely different experience than in the past. Many adults and adolescents have the chance of completing a braces treatment in one year. Sometimes you may have to wait longer than a year, but you will start realizing a difference within a year of getting braces in Palm Coast.

These are just misconceptions that should not deter you from getting braces to repair misaligned teeth and improve your overall dental health. Don’t forget to first visit an orthodontist for a treatment plan that suits you. Also, regular dental visits after braces are essential in the healing process.