Reasons Why San Diego Dentists Are Considering Purchasing a Dental Practice

by | Dec 25, 2019 | Dentist

More dentists are considering the idea of talking with dental practice brokers in San Diego about purchasing their own dental practice. There are a number of factors that motivate dentists to consider this option. The primary reason is income. Studies show that most dental practice owners earn more money than dentists who work for others.

Freedom to build the practice of their dreams is another motivating factor that drives dentists to talk with dental practice brokers in San Diego. Working for someone else means that you have to work under the conditions that they create. However, as an owner you have the ability to create the practice that you want. This includes the type of facility, the philosophy behind how practice is done, and the schedule that’s right for you.

In addition to the financial benefits that could come from owning your own dental practice, there are also the tax breaks. W-2 employees are not able to deduct most things from their taxes. However, business owners are able to deduct travel expenses, education, insurance, meals, advertising, and more. This means that the dental practice owner purchases some things and then Uncle Sam helps with a portion of the cost.

Dental practices have steadily grown in value. As a result, lenders are willing to help those who want to start a new dental practice with financing. When properly managed, a dental practice can produce a large return on the initial investment.

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