Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Dental Care

Every once in a while, you can severely damage your tooth either from an injury, infection, or decay. In such a case, the tooth must be extracted. A tooth extraction involves completely removing the whole tooth from your jaw, and depending on the condition of the tooth; it can be a relatively simple procedure or quite involved.

A dentist or dental surgeon DDS Jenks performs the extraction, and since the procedure can cause pain, bleeding, and swelling, proper aftercare is required to ensure you recover well. Here are a few tooth extraction aftercare tips.

Keep the gauze in for at least 2 hours

After the extraction, you might still be bleeding, so you want to keep the gauze in place to help control the bleeding and help with clotting. Additionally, you are still very sore, so it’s best to avoid agitating the area.

Don’t rinse out your mouth for at least a day

You want to give your tooth as much time to heal as you can, so avoid rinsing out your mouth for at least a day. This will also decrease your risk of getting dry socket, a condition where clotting doesn’t occur at the extraction site causing severe pain.

Apply ice for 10 – 20 minutes as directed

An ice pack or crushed ice in a bag can help alleviate any swelling you might get and prevent tissue damage. That said, don’t apply it directly to your face as it could be painful. Make sure you cover it with a towel instead.

Lastly, only eat soft foods and liquids and avoid using a straw for at least 3 days to help you recover faster.

The first 24 hours are crucial, and while your recovery might take a few more days, you can gradually resume normal activities after a day or so. If you live in Jenks and are thinking of getting a tooth extraction, you can contact us and discuss your options with our dentists.

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