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Protect Your Child’s Smile With the Child Dentist in Omaha NE

When a child is still growing, the health of their teeth fully depends on their oral care practices and how often they see the dentist. The child dentist in Omaha protects the oral health of children by monitoring their growth and development and carrying out diagnostic screenings that help to find issues when they are in their early stages and most treatable. Through regular dental care appointments, children learn to do all they can to protect their smiles and develop good oral care habits for life.

Children should begin seeing the child dentist in Omaha NE around the age of one. This is typically when a child first begins cutting teeth though some children cut their teeth at a younger age. The dental treatment a child receives at this age is fairly simple and does not involve X-rays unless problems begin to arise. There are no major cleaning exercises to carry out since there are only a few teeth and they have not grown together yet. As a child ages, the visits will grow more involved.

A big part of each preventative care appointment is making sure the teeth are properly cleaned. The cleaning process removes all of the plaque and tartar which can lead to decay and gum disease. A part of the cleaning process also involves Fluoride treatments which help to protect the teeth from decay by making the enamel stronger so it is less likely to become damaged.

At these appointments, the child’s oral development is monitored to ensure the jaws and teeth are growing at the correct rate. This is crucial because early orthodontic intervention can help to prevent problems with the positioning of the teeth and jaw. These appointments will take place every six months until a child reaches the age of twenty-one when they will begin seeing an adult dentist.

If your child is in need of dental care, visit . This site offers information to help parents make informed decisions on their child’s dental care and to learn more about the dental services the dentist can provide for their child. Call the office today and schedule a preventative care appointment.

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