Let Superior Dentists in Providence, RI Keep Those Teeth Healthy and Beautiful

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Dentist

One of the best things about modern society is all the advances that have been made in the fields of medicine, and this is especially true for dental practitioners. In fact, dentist in Providence RI, have a huge variety of procedures available that were never even considered in the past. While people may not always feel great about dental appointments, once they visit the dentist, they are usually happy with the results. Of course, this requires the patient to care for their teeth properly between visits, including brushing, flossing, and rinsing or the cavities may get out of control.

One of the easiest dental procedures is tooth whitening, and there are several reasons for this. First, the procedure is simple. The dentist applies a peroxide paste over the teeth and mixes in a bit of water. This starts a chemical reaction in the peroxide solution that pushes it deep into the enamel. The final result should be the natural color of the underlying dentin. Surprisingly, this isn’t always that bright, white color that most people seem to expect, but simply the removal of stains. The final results of tooth whitening should show in about a week.

Another reasonably pain-free procedure is veneers. The purpose of a veneer is to cover something with a lesser-quality appearance with something that looks much better. With dental procedures, this material is usually porcelain because porcelain is very tough and resembles the look of natural teeth. Early methods for veneers usually required a lot of filing and shaping so the veneer would fit snugly. Modern methods virtually eliminate this concern as long as no other repairs are required. However, there may be minimal filing to ensure a quality bond with the dental adhesive.

Perhaps the most important reason to contact Dentists in Providence RI, is an accident. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and there is usually little that can be done to avoid them, but the results of an accident are usually reparable. This is based on the type of failure. For example, if a tooth chips, then the dentist may choose to bond and shape the damage. This process uses a tooth-colored putty for shape and strength. Once the putty has cured, the dentist will shape the tooth so it appears normal. If the break is large, the dentist may choose to use a crown or cap.

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