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Preparing A Child For A Visit To A Family Dentistry Wichita KS

When a child is going to be visiting a Family Dentistry Wichita KS to have their teeth cleaned for the first time, they may be a bit frightened about the experience as they had never been there in the past. To help relieve some of the anxiety a child has about seeing a new dentist, a few steps can be taken beforehand. Here are a few ways to help make a first trip to a new dentist less scary for a child.

Having the child go to an appointment with a parent or another family member can be a great way to help relieve some of the tension they have about the process. They will be able to see first-hand what the procedure will be like and they can ask the dentist and hygienist question about the process if they desire. It is beneficial to have the child meet with the dentist so they will be familiar with their face before they go to their own appointment.

A tour of the facility can be taken before the appointment. Call the dentist’s office to see when a good time would be for a visit. The workers will most likely be very accommodating in showing the child the different rooms and equipment that will be used when they go in for their own appointment.

Practice good oral hygiene at home. The child will be less scared about the dentist’s appointment if they are used to the proper tooth cleaning methods. This will ensure they do not have a bad report from the dentist after their first tooth cleaning experience. Set up a timer in the bathroom to make sure the child brushes their teeth long enough during each cleaning session. Having them brush along with an adult will also make the cleaning session fun while showing them proper methods in keeping teeth clean.

When someone needs to find a practice dealing with family dentistry Wichita KS, they can take a look online or in a local phone book. Calls can be made to reputable dental practices to see if they would be willing to set up an appointment with the child for a tour before they get their teeth cleaned.