Potential Pros and Cons of Getting a Teeth Implant in Jeanerette, LA

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Dentist

When a tooth is badly damaged and needs to have major work done, there may be a few different options. These could include root canals, dental implants or a bridge. Which is the right choice will depend on the overall condition of the teeth and the preferences of the patient? Understanding what’s involved in getting a Teeth Implant in Jeanerette LA may help make the decision a little bit easier.

Helps Maintain Facial Structure

Some people opt not to replace a tooth that needs to be removed due to severe damage, but this isn’t the best option. When there is no tooth in place, it can cause other teeth to shift or cause deterioration in the jaw. This can make it, so the actual structure of the face starts to be compromised, especially if there are a number of teeth missing and not just one. An implant will eventually be fused to the bone, helping to maintain the facial structure. It won’t compromise any nearby teeth, as it doesn’t rely on them to hold it in a place like a bridge would.

Fulfills Function of a Tooth

Of course, a Teeth Implant in Jeanerette LA will also fulfill the function of a tooth. This means it will be helpful for chewing and also make it, so a person’s smile is complete with no gaps. Dentures sometimes cause issues with clicking or shifting when chewing, but having a replacement tooth permanently in place will make it, so eating is just as easy as it was before the tooth was lost.

Time Consuming

One of the main issues with getting dental implants is that it is a time-consuming procedure. It can’t be done quickly in just one visit. Before the final tooth implant can be attached, the metal screw part of the implant needs to fuse with the bone, and this can take up to six months. Once this happens, the replacement tooth can be permanently attached. While waiting, a temporary tooth is often used.


The other potential consideration with dental implants is that they are expensive and not usually covered by dental insurance. This means it can cost thousands of dollars to replace each tooth. Not everyone can afford this process.

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