Tips for Recovering from Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Bridgeport, CT

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Dentist

Having wisdom teeth removed doesn’t mean that a person loses any IQ points. But it does mean that there are going to be some real changes for a couple of days after the surgery. Consider using, this time, to catch up on rest, movies or books, and don’t plan out a lot of activities. Here are a few tips for recovering from wisdom teeth extraction in Bridgeport CT.

Be Prepared

Immediately after extraction is not the time to head to the store and pick up the necessary supplies. In fact, most patients head right home and rest. Make a list of everything needed and take a trip to the store a couple of days before the surgery. A dental surgeon will usually give patients some idea of what items they will need well in advance of the procedure. If there are any questions about the process, be sure to ask before going under anesthesia.

Watch Your Diet

Steaks and hamburgers aren’t going to be accessible right after wisdom teeth removal. The mouth tends to be sore and there are huge pockets in the gums that can make chewing difficult. Consider starting with smoothies or shakes. Then, slowly make the transition to softer foods. Things like soups, puddings, and even ice cream are great to have on hand. Don’t rush getting back to solids. The goal is to allow the mouth ample time to start the healing process.

Rinse With Salt Water

Just because it isn’t a prescription doesn’t mean that it can’t have a huge effect on how a person feels after wisdom teeth extraction in Bridgeport CT. Rinsing with salt water can help with the swelling of the gums and pain management. While a dentist may prescribe other medication for pain, rinsing with salt water is still a good idea. Head to the sink several times a day and use warm water. Overly hot or overly cold water can be uncomfortable.

Is it time to schedule the removal of your wisdom teeth? Contact us for more information about the process and to learn how you can give yourself the best opportunity for a quick recovery.

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