Why Have Full Dentures in Hamilton Implanted?

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Dentist

When people are missing several teeth, full dentures in Hamilton, NJ can help restore proper eating and speaking. They can also prevent the shifting of the remaining teeth and decrease the risk of gum infections. Full dentures will also restore confidence and self-esteem. Traditionally, people had to have molds taken of the gum line and mouth once all the teeth were extracted. Dentures were then fabricated in a laboratory, which would take a few weeks. After that time, people could begin to wear the dentures. Advances in technology and procedures provide a few more options.

Digital X rays can now be taken of the mouth before extractions so dentures can be made ahead of time. The time for fabrication has decreased significantly, so patients do not have to wait long before their dentures are ready to be worn. Dentures can be placed in the mouth immediately following any necessary extractions. That decreases bone loss and provides a perfect fit for dentures. Dentures can be taken out, cleaned, and put back in using dental adhesive. The adhesive can be a gel or come in a pre-made pad that forms a seal for the dentures. That requires ongoing supplies, which can get expensive. As the adhesive wears away, dentures can slip, become uncomfortable, or even fall out in the case of upper dentures.

Another option is to have full dentures in Hamilton, NJ implanted into the jawbone. Titanium anchors are placed at strategic points in the upper and lower jaw. The dentures have indentations that line up with the anchors, securing them in place. Once put in the mouth, the dentures will stay in place until they are taken out for cleaning. There are a few advantages to having dentures implanted. The first is the savings in adhesives. The second is confidence that the dentures will not move or fall out while speaking or eating. Implants also make it less likely for food particles to get lodged between the plates and the roof of the mouth. That can be painful.

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