Newcastle Mouth Guards: The Benefits

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Dental Care

If you are like many, your younger self enjoyed roughhousing with your friends. Children and teenagers tend to rush out to play hockey and other sports because it’s fun, it is competitive, and can be great exercise. However, these sports can also lead to a variety of injuries to the face and other areas of the body.

While mouth guards in Newcastle won’t prevent broken legs and other bones, they can prevent broken jawbones, teeth, and other situations. Along with such, you may find that a guard will prevent you from grinding your teeth when you’re stressed in the game.

You’ve got many choices when it comes to Newcastle mouth guards. While you can go to almost any store and buy prefabricated ones, you may find that these don’t fit your particular needs. ‘Boil and bite’ versions are also available and can come in at-home kits. You boil the material for a particular amount of time and then bite down on it to ensure that it fits your mouth. However, many people prefer to see their dentist to get a custom-fitted guard. The dentist makes an impression of your teeth, and the guard is moulded using specialty material. They are usually more comfortable and offer the best protection you can find.

At Newcastle Dental Care, they understand that your love for sports won’t be held back by the fear of facial injury. Many of their patients come to them with concerns and walk away with a guard that will protect their smile and teeth. Just because you play contact or limited-contact sports, doesn’t mean you have to worry about getting injured. They can ensure you get something that protects your teeth, gums, and cheeks so that you can enjoy life more fully. Mouth guards can ensure that you don’t grind your teeth or damage the teeth and gums during a facial injury.

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