Multiple Options for Tooth Replacement in Toledo, Ohio, are Available

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Dental Care

When teeth become damaged in any way, it is time to go visit a licensed dental professional. Dentists can help with any type of tooth issues, especially those that affect the integrity or health of the tooth. If a tooth should begin to fall apart, crack or decay severely, it may be necessary for the dentist to remove the tooth. Extractions are common in the dental world, and there are several options available for Tooth Replacement Toledo Ohio. To determine which option is best to replace missing teeth and get help with damaged teeth, a trip to the dentist is required.

People may lose their teeth or require an extraction for several different reasons. Most commonly, teeth become decayed or develop severe cavities that damage their nerves or structure. In these cases, a simple filling or root canal may not be sufficient. Extraction may be necessary, especially if the tooth has become cracked or badly chipped. In other cases, a sudden impact like a car or sports accident can knock out a tooth entirely. For any sudden or chronic tooth damage or pain, people should seek out a dentist immediately. The sooner that dental issues are corrected by Kozy Paul S DDS & Associates in Toledo Ohio, the more likely it is that an easier treatment and recovery plan is possible.

Dentists can perform tooth replacement in Toledo Ohio for their patients by using one of several different methods. Dental bridges can be used to replace a single missing tooth, but only if that missing tooth is located between two healthy, strong teeth. Those healthy teeth provide support for the bridge that will replace the missing tooth between them. Dentures are a popular option for the elderly or those who have lost many of their teeth. Perhaps the most cosmetically attractive option, implants have grown in popularity and create a natural looking replacement option. Click here for more details.

For anyone who is concerned about missing a tooth or has experienced damage to their teeth, it is best to call a dentist to receive an evaluation. Dentists are able to determine whether or not a tooth can be saved or if it should be extracted. In any case, dentists are able to provide suitable tooth replacement in Toledo Ohio for any need.

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