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Hollywood Smiles Courtesy of Dentist Offices in Peachtree City, GA

You no longer have to be famous or wealthy to get yourself a big, perfect, bright, white smile. Why and how? Pro teeth whitening and the availability of clear aligners like Invisalign have changed the smile game entirely. Fortunately, Invisalign and other cosmetic dentistry secrets of the stars are affordable and ready to take advantage of at dentist offices in Peachtree City, GA.

The Invisalign Journey Begins

When you visit one of the Dentist Offices In Peachtree City, GA, to optimize every stage of the journey for new patients, the first step includes comprehensive dental exams, a gum assessment, and a full set of x-rays. The results, combined with a consultation, help the doctor direct you to the best provider for your individual healthy Hollywood smile needs.

Biting Into New Possibilities

Your intraoral photos and x-rays help the doctor assess and explain the state of your current oral health. Once understood, it’s that much easier to decide between multiple treatment options that support your #HollywoodSmileGoals. These goals might entail preventative care, cosmetic outcomes, or a mixture of both.

Eating the Cost

The penultimate and, perhaps, most important step involves honesty and transparently addressing costs with a Peachtree City dentist. The discussion helps you prepare for out-of-pocket expenses or decide whether you can. This is also the time to discuss any of your dental anxiety. Your specific anxiety might be best minimized through one of several options the doctor is happy to discuss: IV/oral sedation or, yes, laughing gas.

Follow Up, Long Term Care

Your visits to your local Peachtree City dentists continue via follow-up appointments and long-term care. The dentist monitors your periodontal health to ensure long-term dental fitness, and diagnoses whatever comes up and devises a conservative treatment.