Frequently Asked Questions About Painful Wisdom Teeth In Cranford NJ

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Dentist

Individuals who begin experiencing pain due to their wisdom teeth should consult an oral surgeon as quickly as possible. The pain may subside for awhile, but it will eventually get worse, and the eruption of wisdom teeth can often cause issues with the other teeth. Discover more information about painful Wisdom Teeth in Cranford NJ by reading the frequently asked questions below.

Where are wisdom teeth located and when do they begin erupting through the gums?

Individuals have four wisdom teeth, and they’re located in the very back corners of the mouth on the top and bottom. These are the last teeth to erupt, and this begins around the age of 17. Most individuals will have their wisdom teeth by the time they turn 21 years of age. Many times, these teeth do not erupt as they should because they’re turned sideways in the gums. When the teeth fail to erupt, they’re known as impacted wisdom teeth. When these teeth are inside the gums at an angle, they press against the other teeth that have already erupted. As this occurs, it causes pain as well as additional symptoms.

What are some of the symptoms associated with impacted wisdom teeth?

Individuals will often feel pain in their mouth, jaw, and beside their ears, and this pain becomes more intense while chewing. Some individuals will notice their faces and jaws are swollen. A headache and fever may also persist due to impacted wisdom teeth. Finally, if an infection is present, individuals will have a bad taste in their mouth.

What steps should individuals take if they have symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth?

The first step is to contact the office of an oral surgeon who specializes in the extraction of Wisdom Teeth in Cranford NJ to make an appointment for a consultation. After taking x-rays and performing an examination, the oral surgeon will recommend extracting the wisdom teeth. Depending on the location of the wisdom teeth, the oral surgeon may be able to extract the teeth in the office, or the procedure may need to be done in the hospital.

Individuals in Cranford who have painful wisdom teeth can schedule a consultation at Westfield Oral Surgery. This clinic also specializes in dental implants, TMJ disorders, and treatments for snoring and sleep apnea.

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