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The Importance of Dental X-rays in Bridgeport, CT

Dental X-rays in Bridgeport CT, which are also known as radiographs, are an important part of any oral health plan. These are considered to be a diagnostic tool, but they can also be preventative and help a dentist diagnose any possible oral care issues in a person’s mouth before they become a more serious issue. Learn more about dental x-rays here.

What a Dental X-Ray Shows

An intraoral x-ray is the most common type that is used in dentistry. They provide a dentist with a high level of details regarding the tooth, bone and the supporting tissues in the mouth. With these x-rays, a dentist can see the following things.

 *   Find any cavities

 *   View the roots of the tooth

 *   Check out the health of the bony area that is around the tooth

 *   Help to diagnose any signs of periodontal disease

 *   Look at the status of a person’s developing teeth

Why Happens During a Dental X-Ray

Dental X-rays in Bridgeport, CT are usually done in a dentist office. Knowing what to expect can ease some of the anxiety for the process.

The first step is to prepare the patient. The dental professional will cover the patient with a lead apron, which protects their body from any radiation that comes from the x-ray. The next step is for the dental professional to insert a small tool, made out of plastic, into the patient’s mouth, which they will bite down on.

Once the patient is fully prepped, the technician will take the x-ray picture of the appropriate area. The entire process is completely pain-free, and it will be repeated until the dentist has all the pictures they need from the patient’s mouth.

While dental x-rays are not needed every year, it is a good idea to have them done from time to time. They allow a dentist to view parts of the tooth that are otherwise unable to be seen. Those who are interested in how the procedure works can get more information! Being informed and knowing what to expect during dental x-rays will help reduce anxiety related to going to the dentist and ensure a patient gets the care they need.