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The Emergency Dentist in Providence RI Treats a Variety of Tooth Injuries

While tooth injuries occur in healthy teeth, damaged teeth are more likely to be injured. Some tooth injuries simply cause minor damage and do not lead to pain, while some can be severe. When a tooth injury strikes, a person needs to seek treatment from the emergency dentist in Providence RI. Prompt treatment will help individuals to overcome their tooth pain and stop further damage from occurring. Emergency dental services can help a person prevent the loss of their tooth.

The dentist will repair the following types of tooth injuries:

   *    Teeth that are knocked completely from their socket, while remaining intact, can sometimes be placed back into the gum tissue. When a person experiences blunt force trauma and their tooth is knocked out, they need to gently rinse any dirt away and bring it with them in a cool glass of water. The dentist can sometimes suture a tooth back in place so it will not be permanently lost.

   *    Cracks are one of the most common types of tooth injuries and are especially common when a tooth’s strength has been compromised due to decay. A crack can be sealed with a special filling material that is smoothed into the damaged area and then cured with a light. Once the tooth has been filled, it will be stronger and less likely to become damaged.

   *    When a person suffers a break in their tooth, the piece that was broken off will be lost forever. The dentist cannot reattach broken pieces but they can sometimes repair the damage so the tooth remains viable. Any rough edges must be smoothed so they do not cause mouth irritation. The dentist will then fill the tooth and may need to cover it with a crown so further damage does not continue.

If you have suffered a tooth injury, it is important you see the Emergency Dentist in Providence RI. You can get more information when you call the office. With prompt treatment, you can stop any pain you are feeling and prevent further damage to your tooth so your smile health is protected. Call today for your appointment.