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How to Prepare Yourself For Tooth Extractions in Effingham, IL

When the dentist tells a patient they need to have a tooth extracted, this can make a person nervous. No one relishes the thought of having a tooth removed, but it is sometimes necessary for preventing damage to a person’s oral health. Thankfully, extractions are easier to go through than ever before because of advances made in anesthetics and dental tools. Knowing what to expect can help individuals prepare for Tooth Extractions in Effingham IL.

The first step involved in a tooth extraction is making sure the area around the affected tooth is completely numb so a patient will not experience any pain or discomfort while the procedure is being carried out. The anesthetic used not only keeps a patient comfortable during their procedure, it also helps to prevent discomfort immediately after the procedure has been carried out. Knowing they will not feel pain helps encourage a person to feel confident in going through their procedure.

To carry out Tooth Extractions in Effingham IL, a dentist first needs to take X-rays so they can view the root structure of the tooth. Some teeth can have long and complicated roots that are difficult to remove. A dentist needs to know what they will face in removing the tooth so they can implement the right strategy.

Teeth may be removed with a simple dental tool or the process may require an incision. Incisions can help the dentist remove a tooth without causing damage to the jawbone or surrounding teeth. If a tooth is rotten or damaged in any way, this can sometimes present difficulties during the removal. In these cases, the dentist sometimes needs to remove a tooth in pieces so it can be extracted safely.

Depending on the opening left behind, the dentist may suture the wound or allow it to close naturally. It is important a person avoids drinking through a straw, smoking, or spitting during the healing process so they do not dislodge their clot and cause a dry socket.

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